Methodology & Purpose


Spring 2013 I submitted a study to CU Boulder’s Human Research Committee to continue doing research on Trauma and those who provide Crisis Support Services to Victims of Trauma. The specific Trauma addressed were Terrorist Attacks and School Shootings. Purpose: To provide adequate care and services to those in need and understand how we can better support, address, and provide resources for Coping to those in need.

This is why I created an Entertainment based Campaign. To talk about something other than the point of trauma in a creative space without subjecting Victims to revictimization associated with rehashing prior points of Trauma such as The Shootings themselves or highlight any known facts about the Shooters themselves which has the potential to cause trauma and/or revictimization.

Blogging Campaign is an Organization established by me in response to the passing of the Founders to Brady Campaign. In response I wanted to help draw attention to their Campaign without interfering with their Methodology established a separate Campaign (Branch) which supports Brady Campaign and via personal donation.

Blogging Campaign is an Entertainment based Campaign originating from my Top 100 Blog @mymollydoll who wrote iMovies online as a form of Entertainment Story Telling in a way that was clearly labeled Fictional loosely based off my life. It was a way I could share my stories help others without labeling facts to be used to cause harm to me or others.

Blogging Campaign is a Meet-up Online on an enclosed Website where stories are shared and later reused to create add emphasis to be reversed in Film, Music, and now Television. All writing is composed by me based on my Experiences and Education. All writing is distributed via 7 Newsfeeds on Twitter, 2 Websites, 2 Facebooks, 3 Tumblrs, and 4 Instagram Accounts all owned and operated by me, produced by me for #BradyMusicCampaign.

#BradyMusicCampaign is the Hashtag I create to begin Campaigning. Later I created and to separate the Campaign from myself. Because that was confusing now I list the Campaign above my most recently active Account. Today the Campaign goes by the name “Blogging Campaign” via and

For more information about Blogging Campaign please visit @lesliefischman on Twitter,,,, and Websites I created to help build a Foundation for myself online to represent myself Professionally which has now later been used to help establish a Foundation for Blogging Campaigns (in addition to 7 Twitter Accounts, 3 Tumblr Accounts, 4 Instagram, and 2 Facebook Accounts).

Services currently provided are one Referral to a Hotline chosen by me, Daily Thoughts and Commentary, Quotes, Fashion, and other Original Work Composed by me and shared with my Audience, that include members of the Entertainment Industry.

For a general summary about how my Campaign works please watch my Youtube Video which explains how writing online via Blog can later be used to assist in the production and writing processes associated with Film and Music.

Why anonymous participation? Why a meetup? I am a member of Alcoholics Anonymous as as a member all that is required of me is to share stories of strength and hope via my experiences. To require attendance or require sign up or require contract would defeat the purpose of providing a service online which is to help without expectation of reward or commitment by its members. That would put my audience at risk of harm should I be harmed or should the Campaign not work the way it is supposed to help. That was a risk I was willingly to take at my expense. So long as I represent myself well to the best of my ability there is no reason why anyone would not support an Entertainment based Campaign that supports it’s Founders Brady Campaign as a separate Branch. Once a network is established there will be room for others to contribute but right now since we are in Crisis I have not created any member sites but Followings on Accounts.



To combat trauma associated with Conspiracy Theories and placing blame on persons who hold positions of Trust within our Country is devastating to the overall health, safety, and well being of a Country’s Citizens who rely on the decision making of those in elected positions of power to help guide their decision making, and how they invest their time, and to whom. Therefore it is crucial that we do not question our Superiors during times of Crisis as it is their job to provide us with support, not turn on one another because of lack of trust, but instead reinforce systems of support by creating new boundaries from which to establish trust is our job as a community online to be there for one another during times of need reinforce those positions of power and trust by setting a good example for everyone to follow who may be lost on the ground not otherwise provided with clear direction in life based off their systems of support provided to them why and how we can be there for one another online not blame and point fingers in crisis but be proactive do what we do best communicate, positively.