After a series of School Shootings, I decided to leave Law School for 2 weeks and travel to Washington DC. While in DC I visited the US Supreme Court, and started keeping a Journal, writing daily my thoughts along the way, and anything odd I encountered along the way as I did so while the US Supreme Court was In Session. At the time I had no clear picture of what I wanted to do in order to help combat Gun Violence, but I knew of only one Organization to which I was introduced in 2011, Brady Campaign, via WIIDC for a Legal Internship as a Law Student.

I first began Blogging everyday in 2013, Spring. My first name on Twitter was @randbocotimes. For Rand Paul, Barack Obama, Colorado, and Times as in LA Times, my first follower on Twitter was @latimestot. I later changed my name to @mymollydoll to be more feminine, named after Molly the first American Girl Doll. I had always wanted one as a Child.

I created the Hashtag #BradyMusicCampaign sometime in 2014/2015 and then created a separate account for my Blog @bradymusicbuzz (and later in 2016 @mmdmusicbase and @bradymusiccamp). The purpose of the Hashtag, in my mind, was to redirect attention to my Blog and to something other than the Violence that was occurring, toward something positive that could be done in order to help raise funds for Brady Campaign where support was much needed at the time. I have been Blogging since 2013, separating stories with iMovie Title listings in between, like Chapters in a Book, where I make up titles based off of pre-existing Movie Titles. Adding Music made this an Entertainment Campaign. Music was chosen to be put in the name because at the time I was dating someone who works in the Music Industry, who I thought could help be of service.

I chose to help because I have 3 years experience as a Crisis Hotline Counselor, taking many calls beyond just the purposes for the Hotline which was Sex Assault. I have also taken calls from those suffering from Mental Health Issues, as well as Suicidal Callers, and Inappropriate Callers, we were trained to handle all sorts of different calls.

By Blogging I hoped to be able to connect with members of the Entertainment Industry. Sharing my stories and hoping that my stories would be used and reused as stencils and/or pieces included in Movies and Music. I’m Bipolar, so I have very lofty ideas, and actually think that this can occur through Blogging, and that a portion of those proceeds could be donated to Brady Campaign. I do not have an connections in the Entertainment Industry, but the ones I’ve met online, and will be attending a Webinar soon to get started learning the Business and how to promote a Campaign Online and make connections in order to do so.

I have emailed Brady Campaign and they are aware that I created a Hashtag #BradyMusicCampaign and that I have created a separate Entertainment Campaign to their Campaign that supports their Campaign. I hope to Register my Non-Profit under my Blogging name MYMOLLYDOLL, who’s Website received up to 1,500 Followers in one day. By becoming a Non-Profit I can dedicate my Web Work to donating a portion of its proceeds to Brady Campaign, as a Non-Profit for a Non-Profit, just as I would be able to do so as an Ambassador to Zindigo to their pre-selected organizations to choose from to donate a percentage of our proceeds to. This makes sense to me, as I already have a job in Tech, and work Online as a Blogger on the side to promote my Websites and Campaign, fulfill my obligations as a Writer to create new Content everyday for use by them.

If you are new to #BradyMusicCampaign, Welcome! And if you are a returning Fan, Thank You for your Following. If you have any questions feel free to email me at lesliefischman@mymollydoll.net. Look forward to blogging on this Website and Welcome to bloggingcampaign.wordpress.com by Leslie Fischman, dedicated to Brady Campaign and The Entertainment Industry.