#InstaQuote: Phases by #LeslieFischman #BloggingCampaign #BradyCampaign #MomsDemand 

Everything occurs in phases. There are phases to development to all things built, that require constant planning and attention to. Just like construction, relationships require a similar foundation upon which a sound long lasting relationship can be built, where communication is with ease, and both parties feel in tune. This I provide for as a Campaign, #BloggingCampaign, a starting point for the initial meeting of the minds, a place of compassion (mental health issues) and reason (purpose) to help stop gun violence, and how to (what’s been working), Entertainment based Campaigning. It’s not an Agenda it’s not in place of, it’s a conversation starter and jumping off point to other topics unrelated, and separate to. This is a touchy subject, so to create something from which all minds can agree is working for us, for causes we support, is a blessing, so grateful. Glad to be here online, this is my job (I do with pride & perfection – my dream job to be a writer).


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