The Future #Meetup for #BloggingCampaign on #Yooco #SocialNetwork – #MYMOLLYDOLL

MYMOLLYDOLL: Social Network
#BloggingCampaign #MYMOLLYDOLL

Welcome to #BloggingCampaign on MYMOLLYDOLL!

This is an open #Meetup to the general public, upon which you can contribute with me -material that falls within the description of this Website to be available for reuse in Music, Film, and other Entertainment Purposes. You may join as one of the following: (1) A Viewer, (2) A Contributor, (3) A Supporter, (4) A Professional, (5) A Supervisor, (6) An Advisor, or (7) A Friend. Please Note Cross Talk between Members in Private is strongly advised against as this is not a Dating Website and Intimacy is discouraged and Professionalism is advocated for the main purposes of this Campaign to help generate support, advocacy, and awareness to Gun Violence and the Campaigns we support Brady Campaign and Mom’s Demand. Thank you for your kind attention to this Notice and I look forward to working with you. All rules for participation are outlined on our Website If you have any questions or don’t know where to start please feel free to email me at Look forward to working with you!

Leslie Fischman
Founder of MYMOLLYDOLL &
#BloggingCampaign for Brady Campaign & Moms Demand

(Reference: Chat Room #BloggingCampaign on


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