#BloggingCampaign NEW Initiative – Opening Campaign Up Beyond #BradyCampaign 

​#BloggingCampaign promotes The Internet as a place to get treatment for mental disorders. It has helped me tremendously build self-esteem, and find my place in Society, get connected, and fulfill my purpose in life to make a positive difference. As a result we now have fewer shootings, no school shootings, and less violence, even LAPD turn in your gun drives were a success. One step at a time. #KeepitUp everyone. We are on the right track. It’s a very grueling Campaign please do not get involved or question methodologies or ways gun violence is prevented unless you live and breathe the Campaign if so do not cause harm to others Campaigning via #BloggingCampaign for their causes as they relate to #BradyCampaign #EndGunViolence #MomsDemand #WomenAgainstGunViolence #Everytown #Gunsense #StopSchoolShootings #GunsinAmerica #StopGunViolence #GunViolence #EachMindMatters or any other organization they choose to donate to at this time as it relates to the issues for which they Campaign alongside through across or passby #BloggingCampaign.


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