About #BloggingCampaign – The Hashtag and *Rules for Participation by #LeslieFischman #MYMOLLYDOLL

About #BloggingCampaign – The Hashtag

#BloggingCampaign is a hashtag that was started by MYMOLLYDOLL (Leslie Fischman) sometime in 2016, after meeting with the President of Brady Campaign LA. After pitching my Campaign idea, excited to hear about my goals, was asked to meet the President for Coffee. We discussed my Campaign goals – after review of my Website’s bloggingcampaign.wordpress.com, bloggingcampaign.tumblr.com, Twitter.com/bradymusicbuzz, and the hashtag that was created. We both decided to change my hashtag to a name that did not include Brady Campaign, so as not to bother the DC Office and Dan Gross (The President of Brady Campaign). The hashtag that was used was #BradyMusicCampaign (which is now #BloggingCampaign – a more general approach to my Entertainment based Blogging Campaign).

What is an Entertainment Based Blogging Campaign?

An Entertainment Based Blogging Campaign is a:

  • A Campaign for a Campaign (i.e. Brady Campaign (Primary and First Campaign for a Campaign), #EndGunViolence, #MomsDemand, #StopGunViolence, #GunsinAmerica, #WomenAgainstGunViolence, #EachMindMatters to name a few).
  • That focuses on Entertainment as a means for Crisis Intervention and Prevention, by focusing on something positive other than the trauma itself and issues for which the trauma has been experienced (i.e. Gun Violence, Terrorism)
  • Where participation is anonymous so as to protect the participants from harm, whereby donations only are the only accepted form of admission for participation to a Campaign for a Campaign that is Entertainment based (i.e. #BloggingCampaign formerly #BradyMusicCampaign).
  • Where participation occurs online, at an online “meetup,” that is situated on Websites created by me for MYMOLLYDOLL and #BloggingCampaign (i.e. bloggingcampaign.wordpress.com, bloggingcampaing.tumblr.com, mymollydoll.com, Twitter.com/bradymusicbuzz, Facebook, and any other creative space created by me, from which I am able to hashtag from to a general Newsfeed separate from each account, that summarizes the most important information and posts from each account, as it relates to #BloggingCampaign (that is my goal and purpose for hashtagging – to summarize and highlight the most important posts related to the Campaign to give a birds eye view (gist) of what the Campaign is about (Methodology and Purpose) from which others can decide at will whether or not to participate and for the causes this Campaign seeks to support i.e. Brady Campaign (and see above).
  • Participation is completely at-will, meaning anyone can choose to participate or not, participation is not mandatory, and the Campaign for which you choose to Campaign for is not required to be the same Campaign for which I Campaign for (i.e. See Above -1). #BloggingCampaign is simply:
    1. A model Campaign I created to show how blogging can be used (creatively) to support a Campaign and also, through mixed media, assist with the production and creation of material which can be used and re-used (re-blogged) for Entertainment purposes (what goes on beyond that initial participation on the blog is purpose #2)
    2. A Creative Campaign for a Campaign in which the material provided for and created by its user (writer and developer MYMOLLYDOLL, Leslie Fischman) can later be used (re-worked) through Film and Music, or any other Entertainment based compatible forum. (For Example: I Blog Quotes and Fashion, which can be used to assist with Film and Music Production)
  • All that is required of participants is to donate to a Campaign of their choice, relevant to the causes for which they support, in my case I donate to Brady Campaign, and hope that those who participate alongside my blogs do so to, or to a like or similar Campaign whose causes reflect the issues they currently face as it relates to their specific issues or concerns, beliefs, and/or recommendations they believe will help us to reach future goals, for the benefit of society, for the betterment of the people and general public, to protect the safety and general welfare health and well being of the population of concern (For Example: The Population I seek to assist by launching a Social Media Campaign for a Campaign, are the bloggers on Social Media to whom I participate online with on Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, and Facebook –better situate themselves to be there for those in times of Crisis including themselves).

First Draft – Summary of the Rules for Participation by Leslie Fischman 10/06/16

As previously stated on bloggingcampaign.wordpress.com, bloggingcampaign.tumblr.com, mymollydoll.com, and Twitter.com/bradymusicbuzz.


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