What is a Self Service Blogging Campaign? #BloggingCampaign

Those who wish to contribute can and no one is under any obligation to contribute or to participate, mentioned or not mentioned. There are no requirements to this Campaign nor to the contributors or those who’s names that are mentioned. There is no requirement that if called upon that you need to participate. This is not a mandatory Campaign for anyone to participate. This is just an idea that was shared, during a period of Crisis. During Crisis, we do our best to stay organized, just because the end product does not appear on my Website does not mean that change has not occurred. This is a Self Service Campaign, meaning people who wish to contribute can on their own terms, by their own means, among their own people, and are not required to include me or mention me. Participation is anonymous, as it always has been, this is to protect the participants from harm, as this is a Campaign for Peace. All that I ask is that a Donation be made to Brady Campaign, if you participate in this Entertainment based Blogging Campaign that promotes creativity of thought via expression (written or by photos) on blogs, that can be re-blogged and/or used in other mediums such as film and music. (I participate by blogging fashion, quotes, and by journaling on mymollydoll.com).

If you have any questions, please email me at leslie.fischman@icloud.com.

Thank you for your time and attention to this message, good luck!


Leslie Fischman



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