Public Announcement: Update on my Current Mental Health by #LeslieFischman #BloggingCampaign

I am currently in School finishing my LLM in Risk Management and Compliance. I currently suffer from Schizophrenia. I hear voices, i.e. people talking $hit about me. Which causes me to then hurt myself, slam my head into walls, and punch my head. To treat this condition I take Abilify. And go to bed early every night. If I do not get enough sleep I go into Psychosis punching my head, and hear voices. This condition has little to no effect on my relationships or interactions with others, as this is a quiet struggle I have had to overcome on my own, living alone. That being said, I have come up with a plan to ensure that I do not punch my head or slam my head into walls, and post that emergency 800 number on my wall to call in case of emergency, if I feel like hurting myself. This is why I was crying at #ConcertAcrossAmerica, because what was supposed to be a happy time for me, was celebrated with a dent in my head, forehead swollen and bruised. That is why I was crying the whole time, happy to have arrived at my dream campaign, but sad that I was still not well enough to be presentable, or able to share the moment with the ones I love who did not attend with me. I have mental illness, which I have struggled with since a suicide attempt February 2009.


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