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Founding an Entertainment Campaign

by Leslie Fischman

According to mediapost.com “engagement beings with understanding” and connecting “authentically with the consumers.”[1] There are so many different platforms today, via social media, from which we are able to connect, learn, and grow. This was the basis for establishing an Entertainment-based Campaign for Brady Campaign. Three words that stood out to me were: (1) Engagement, (2) Authenticity, and (3) Understanding. “It’s about considering the way something will be used, and how that will impact the user’s emotions, as you market it.”[2]

Engagement, according to mediapost.com involves not only understanding what the current issues are but also, understanding the impact, by demonstrating clear “attention to detail.” Since this is a Victim oriented Campaign, supporting those within the helping Professions, it was my duty to provide to them simple tools which could be used to help promote the services we have to offer and at the same time alleviate any confusion with clearly stated principles and methodologies from which to follow throughout the campaign. This is why we started with bloggingcampaign.tumblr.com and #BradyMusicCampaign as a hashtag which combined the Campaign type (Entertainment i.e. Music) with the Campaign it supported Brady Campaign, putting Music in between to make #BradyMusicCampaign. This I thought was a good idea, so that upon searching for like Campaigns, my Campaign would show up in the Search Engine, but have unique features that would make it identifiably different than the master campaign, and organized in such a way, unofficially, to differentiate it from the official campaign, as what I later identified it to be a “Campaign for a Campaign.”

Authenticity. In order to connect authentically with my audience, I had to first establish myself as a Professional writer online and a trusted source. I began writing in 2013 under the names @randbocotimes and @mymollydoll on Twitter, which later evolved into Websites mymollydoll.com (lesliefischman.tumblr.com, bloggingcampaign.tumblr.com, bloggingcampaign.wordpress.com, mymollydoll.wordpress.com, and mymollydoll.org). In order the produce “insights” as described by mediapost.com, I had to first establish the different ways in which as an Entertainment Campaign, the material I provided could be used. I had to establish a form of communication with my audience, that could be replicated and reproduced through their professional line of work. That form of communication was via story telling. I would tell the same stories over and over again, just as Jay Carney would say the same thing over and over again from the Press Briefing Room, this was a skill I learned watching CSPAN. It adds a level of predictability that gives your audience a sense of comfort, by creating a “language” from which authenticity could bloom. As a Professional it has never been my purpose to be friends with my audience or romanticize goals, but always spoke in a tone that was serious, so that they would easily be able to identify if something was wrong along the way or if I had been harmed during the process of Campaigning. This is why Professionals with lofty goals, Campaigning for serious issues, should always do their best to be Professional at all times, and avoid goofing off or minimizing the severity of problems or level of seriousness to apply to ones work ethic.

We all feed off of each other, this is what I learned about the Authenticity required to Campaign, and to Campaign for Campaigns, be taken just as seriously, and just as effectively assist with the achievement of goals set by the Campaigns to which one supports. That is the role of an Influencer, and the purpose for creating MYMOLLYDOLL. A public entity which could be easily recognized, well known, standing apart from the rest of the Bloggers, and be the platform from which I could establish Campaigns for Campaigns, by giving myself a name and creating a perfect version of myself online, an image I created for myself, to run this Campaign. As an Influencer I played an important role in not only generating support for a Campaign via hashtags and participation online, but also helped establish a NEW Campaign which was Entertainment-based for a Non-Profit Brady Campaign to help them raise money for their Campaign (attaching a link to my Website where they could click to access the main Campaings donation page). It’s a misnomer to say that Campaigning for a Campaign was used to establish my image, no that was not the case. An image must be first established online in order to address a large audience (1), and (2) once you have followers and able to address a large audience, you have to establish yourself as a writer and trusted source, then (3) as a recognized Professional you can Campaign for Campaigns.

How did I establish MYMOLLYDOLL as a Professional? This brings us to our third point, Understanding. I have a keen understanding of trauma, based on the research I completed in College on PTSD and Psychotherapy, in addition to the research I completed online (on Library Databases) on Vicarious Trauma, Trauma, Sex Assault, Advocacy, Victim Advocates, First Responders, and Crisis Hotline Counselors. Vicarious Trauma was one of the few areas studied. Much like Entertainment as a means to combat terrorism and shootings. This was an area I chose to study, based on my research skills and understanding of trauma, that the following are required in order to develop strong coping skills: 1. A Line of Support 2. Demonstrated Presence of that Line of Support, and 3. Access to Resources. In addition, I posted copies of my Resume, and have had work experience interviewing clients, preparing documents, writing motions, and conducting independent research, that made me feel comfortable and confident addressing these topics, and thinking of a solution from which all could benefit, in a way that would not retraumatize those who have suffered and are currently suffering. According to mediapost.com “Understanding” involves not only a keen understanding of how your audience feels, but also how your audience will use and interpret the language from the materials you provide to them, as a means to assist with the coping and processing of events. This is primarily the role of the Journalist, as an Entertainment-based Campaign my role is much different in that I do not address the instances themselves, but respond by promoting my Campaign, and by addressing the fundamental principles from which my Campaign functions under my Umbrella Campaign Brady Campaign. Telling my stories, not their stories, and sharing my ideas and beliefs, not dissecting theirs. In order to do so, I stopped watching TV and stopped reading the News and watching CSPAN and started focusing on School and what I already know to produce new material everyday online.

Eventually I started Fashion Blogging. As a Feminist, and a believer in Gender Equality in the Workforce, Fashion seemed like a great fit. And definitely a space in which I could easily take on a leadership role, selecting content I felt was best suited to represent the principles of my Campaign I created. And at the same time help others, who were trying to make it as Fashion Bloggers, stick to what was popular, and looks that we fed to one another, via Re-Blogging. I took it one step further, and for every look I liked on Pinterest, I then posted to my WordPress. To save the looks, in an exterior archive for #BloggingCampaign, which I’ve just started to hashtag in detail on WordPress. This again supports my understanding of my audience, in that I was able to get Followers on my own via Re-Blogging alone, without my own photos. And I was spotted by Sassique.com an Online Professional Fashion Community and hired as a Non-Paid Style Curator, which is why I created mymollydoll.wordpress.com –from which to share the best online with Sassique.com (now I have to go back through and select my favorites and upload them onto Sassique.com –this was how I decided to perform my role for Sassique –to save everything, upload what’s most important and unique).

You can never stop learning online, understanding your audience, and as you grow as a writer, your relationship with your audience changes too, and a new set of expectations are required of you in order to maintain an audience. Your audience does not always want to be entertained and share a laugh, sometimes they want to learn, learn about you, learn about life, learn about how you learn, or learn about how you were able to put yourself together and a Campaign at the same time. I have #TaylorAdamsAM to thank for that, my online support system on Instagram. I seem to do better with a boyfriend, although he considers us “friends,” and calls my Mom whenever he is concerned with me or worried, he has meant the World to me, and will always appreciate him, value him as a friend.

To be continued …. This concludes Intro to Part 1 of my Research Proposal and Submission to the #USSupremeCourt for a Certificate of Appreciation for #BloggingCampaign for #BradyCampaign. A stamp will suffice.

[1] Mary C. Long, What All Marketers Can Learn From Entertainment Campaigns (Sept. 18, 2016) http://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/274512/what-all-marketers-can-learn-from-entertainment-ca.html.

[2] Id.


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