Registering MYMOLLYDOLL as a Non-Profit – Follow-Up

Now that we have a Website and Following, I can now Register my Non-Profit Branch to Brady Campaign #BradyMusicCampaign under its Creator MYMOLLYDOLL by Leslie Fischman. The Paper Work is all set up all I have to do is Call to Confirm already spoke to the Agency (bizfilings) handling my Paperwork. Thank you for following. Look forward to working with you all and sharing my Campaign ideas with you to help (1) Prevent Gun Violence; and (2) Provide an Online Meet Up space for Professionals to come together on Projects and Create Music and Movies. 

Thank you for Following! I apologize for the disorganization on Twitter while in Emergency Mode, what’s most important at those points is to be present reach out to Victims and make sure they get the Support & Resources they need to begin Coping & Healing from Trauma.


Leslie Fischman



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